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acid jazz n 1: music style that originated in the uk which incorporates elements of jazz, 70s funk, hip-hop, soul, as well as other things.

:: this community is the center for acid jazz in livejournal. feel free to discuss all modern jazz. it is generally meant to focus on the things discussed in the interests section. post pictures relating to acid jazz, reviews, comments, questions about upcoming artists, discussions as to what is or isn't acid jazz, or anything like that. post in english. the community has open membership but behave yourselves or else this may change. report any misuse or abuse to a moderator. don't do anything stupid like spam. if you think what you're posting has any relevance at all to jazz or anything related with the culture, don't worry. and have fun.

:: when you join, if possible, post to introduce yourself, write a bit about yourself, list the music and artists you listen to (especially in the acid jazz genre or related genres), and anything else you think is relevent.

:: please use lj-cuts for off-topic posts, posts that are a page long or longer, or posts containing pictures larger than just small album covers or small pictures of musicians. same goes for posts with a lot of pictures. use your judgement, just try and keep in mind it might upset someone to have a large post clogging up their friends page. info on how to use lj-cuts can be found here.

this community is moderated by picklehammer.

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jazz n 1: music that originated in new orleans around 1900 and developed through increasingly complex styles. a style of dance music popular in the 1920s; similar to new orleans jazz but played by large bands.

hip-hop n 1: a culture that originated in new york in the 1970s consisting of four elements: graffiti, b-boying (break dancing), djing, and mcing (rapping); the song and dance representing the claiming of urban communities by its residents.

house n 1: music style that originated in detroit during latenight warehouse parties.

http://www.artnomad.com/acid.htm - a presentation on acid jazz done with flash
http://www.cmd.uu.se/AcidJazz/ - the acid jazz server
http://www.notz.com/acidjazz.htm - page on acid jazz
http://www.soul-patrol.com/jazz/acid.htm - another page on acid jazz
http://www.shoutcast.com/waradio.phtml?genre=Acid%20Jazz - winamp acid jazz stations
http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/tg/browse/-/556532/026-8511498-6132467 - online store selling acid jazz
http://www.acidjazz.co.uk/ - official acid jazz label site

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