clncl (clncl) wrote in acid_jazz,

ca510 - Utrovortu - Live at Zabriskie Point

Artist: Utrovortu
Title: Live at Zabriskie Point
Date: 2013-02-07
Keywords: krautrock; psychedelic rock; experimental; free improv
(320 kbps)

The creative association "Utrovortu" formed in St. Petersburg some years ago. Its core was the band "Golubi i bezumnye kashevary" ("The Pigeons and the Insane Porridgemakers"), a large body of people performing at the interface between music and experimental poetry.
Besides the regular concerts of "Golubi i Bezumnye Kashevary" "Utrovortu" carries out experimental performances, based on the principles of spontaneity and all-round improvisation (mainly musical and near-theatrical).
This recording was made in October 2008, and commits one of these performances.
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